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Cultural Unity




Extensive observations (as a clinical psychologist I have been trained how to observe carefully and in a detailed, accurate fashion and then how to record such observations) have indicated there is great potential for creating better world conditions as a consequence of real relief when it is provided and as the people relieved experience the benefits that accrue from the change.

The "Miracle in Wisconsin" did it so simply just by changing junk food with good nutrition and bottled water in a charter school ridden with severe social problems so bad people did not want to work there, afterwards the entire atmosphere changed across the board: 

This is so instructive for us.  But beyond this, I have seen the potential for cultural unity which I wrote about first at
http://abc4all.net/culturalunitypotential.htm prompted by these and other observations.

The key obviously is peace, justice and sustainability - the challenge is to get there without limited vision (rose colored glasses) so that there truly will be real peace, justice and sustainability for all and which all can agree upon.  Can the cooperation needed be achieved to reach the implementation of a better world for all?  I won't know in my lifespan, but what I do know is that based on recent developments with
Jazz for Peace and the ABC4All YOUNGSTERS REVOLUTION and the ABC4All CHAMPIONS that the Legacy of ABC4All is here to stay as we together work towards The World of A Better Community For All.

ABC4All Global Vision:

To share with all countries a true restoration of a
QUIET HOPE for PEACE and HARMONY in the world.

ABC4All Mission:
"Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet."™

with the long-term goal of creating the ABC4All Legacy wherein charitable contributions will be MATCHED/DOUBLED into Perpetuity.  Achieving this mission justifies the

ABC4All Mantra:

The dynamics of what led to the Premiere ABC4All / Jazz For Peace Concert - what JFP termed the "Standard Bearer" of all future ABC4All / Jazz for Peace FUNdraising Concerts on behalf of any worthwhile cause in the world  (they deliberately prepared for and anticipated this without even asking and surprised me!) - these sites have recorded the developments and history as we now unfold the Premiere
4-Concert Series on behalf of Global Peace Partners taking place in New York, DC, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia: 

Enchanted Jazz

History in the Making

Formulae for a Better World with a Global Message

A site to review to start is bolded below and provides info/links for a full understanding of what is possible, with 3 pages of FAQ on FUNdraising for Worthwhile Causes:

MAXIMUM support?  It's available.  How?

ABC4All supports worthwhile causes and nonprofits/NGOs worldwide (more coming):

Jazz for Peace: 

World of ABC4All: 

FUNdraising for Worthwhile Causes: 
http://f4wc.abc4all.net with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Best Regards,


Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist (retired)
Co-Founder, ABC4All Portal4Relief
P.O. Box 1624
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-1624

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